About Us

About Us

We are one of the best body massage parlours in Kolkata, providing high-quality SPA treatment services. We provide services from the most tremendously qualified, experienced, and endearing specialists who have been trained to provide you with the best treatment possible. We are confident that once you have experienced our massage services, you will be anxiety-free. Our specialists are committed to offer you a relaxing massage service, with the goal of relieving you of your day's fatigue.

You can visit a body massage centre in Kolkata if you are completely exhausted and in need of some rejuvenation. We offer a variety of massage therapies, backed by our extensive knowledge of both traditional and modern massages. We cordially invite you to spend a relaxing day at one of Kolkata's well-known massage parlours, where you will find peace and tranquillity.

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We at Ayesha Body SPA are dedicated to offering the following high-quality spa treatment services that will provide you with relaxation, tranquillity, and rejuvenation.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is a treatment that offers relaxation to your entire body by relieving muscles, improves blood circulation, and aids in the treatment of a variety of health conditions.

Body to Body Massage

A body to body massage helps to bring bodies into contact, which aids in the release of endorphins into the main bloodstream. It also has a variety of other health advantages.

Thai Body Massage

Thai body massage is a centuries-old Indian healing technique that relaxes and relieves the entire body through the use of gentle pressure and stretching techniques.

Proffessional Massage

Professional massage is a type of massage in which therapists manipulate muscles and other soft tissues. This massage relaxes, soothes, and energises the mind, body, and soul.

Aroma Oil Massage

Aroma oil therapy is a relaxing, soothing massage that uses aromatic oils to personalise to the individual's needs. This SPA treatment can help with a variety of health problems.

Sensual Massage

Sensual massage begins with strokes on the chest, shoulders, and back, is one of the widely known therapies. After a long and exhausting day, nothing beats this relaxing massage.

Relax Satisfaction Massage

A relaxation massage is a full-body treatment that uses pressure to help you relax, relieve stress, and rejuvenate. They also have a variety of health advantages.

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